Our Liberties We Prize


4th_ReinbeckWe hope you are all enjoying your Independence Day weekend!  We enjoyed seeing lots of happy faces and supporters in Reinbeck on the 4th of July.

We’ll be out again next weekend at the Felix Grundy Festival in Reinbeck.  Once again we’ll sponsor the Kids’ Craft tent on the square, and then have our parade entry in the Grand Parade sharing lots of candy with you!

Announcing the Grundy County Republicans Reagan Dinner!

reagan_largeThe first annual Reagan Dinner of the Grundy County Republicans will be held on Saturday, March 29th at the Fox Ridge Golf Course in Dike, IA.

This is the biennial fundraiser for the Grundy County Republicans of Iowa, and will be our only fundraiser until 2016 — so we need your support!

Please join us to hear from your local candidates, representatives, and network with local conservatives.



A social hour with buffet dinner will start at 5pm; the speaking program will begin at 6pm.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley plans to welcome and speak with guests from 5pm-5:30pm.


Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix
Representative Pat Grassley
U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Clovis
County Recorder candidate Travis Case

Tickets are $25 per person. Sponsorships with VIP seating opportunities start at $100.

All sponsorships $100 and up will be formally recognized on each table at our event as a hearty thank-you to our donors.

Even if you cannot attend our event, we heartily encourage you to use this opportunity to support our efforts in 2014.  We appreciate any help you can provide!  Your donations will help us:

  • Fund your local Party to organize and elect Republicans in Grundy County for 2 years.
  • Donate to 3 or 4 key Iowa Senate races, to help flip the Iowa Senate to the GOP.
  • Help elect a Republican U.S. Senator this November.
  • Help re-elect Congressman Steve King to the U.S. Congress.
  • Re-elect Terry Branstad as our Governor.

We would like to raise $15,000 this year to allow Grundy County Republicans to make a significant impact in all these areas.  Please help us!

We have created an “event” on Facebook if you’d like to confirm your desire to attend, and also please use this to invite your friends!

In addition to Facebook, Please RSVP to: RSVP@grundycountygop.com so we can plan for food.

If you only need more information for sending us your donation, please email: chair@grundycountygop.com

2014 County Convention Delegates

The delegates to the Grundy County Republican Convention have all been mailed their official invitation to the 2014 County Convention.

Below is a list of the delegates to the County Convention, selected at the precinct caucuses.  If you are a delegate and cannot attend, please attempt to contact someone from the list of alternates to take your place — and please notify the County Chair of your plans to switch.  At the minimum, if you are delegate and cannot attend please notify the County Chair regardless if you are able to find an alternate to take your place.

Also if you are interested in attending the District Convention on Saturday, April 26th in Storm Lake, IA, you do not have to be a delegate to the County Convention, but you must be nominated by a delegate to the County Convention and approved at the Convention.  Please make every effort to contact one of the delegates from your precinct and let them know you wish to be nominated as a delegate to the District (and State) Convention.

The District Convention will meet Saturday, April 26th in Storm Lake, IA.  Also, the District Committees will meet on Saturday, March 15th at 10AM in Storm Lake, IA.

The State Convention will be held Saturday, June 14th in Des Moines.

If you wish to serve on one of the Standing Committees (Organization, Rules, Platform, Credentials) at the District Convention you are encouraged to make that desire known to a delegate to the County Convention.

County Chair email: chair@grundycountygop.com


P1 P1
David Lee NONE
Howard Sharp
P2 P2
Rex Meyers Ken Hogle
Laura Hommel Earl Slinker
Patrick Brown II James Ross
P3 P3
Nelson Primus Tiffanie Nederhoff
Keith Balvanz Rick Penning
Timothy Schmidt Heidi Nederhoff
Harvin Meyer Jennifer Schmidt
Harlyn Riekena Todd Schoolman
Rhonda R. Deters Larry Hazuka
P4 P4
Scott Borchardt Tina Ahlberg
Terri Shepard Jill Borchardt
Ray Launstein Jan Launstein
Chuck Kruse Wendell Eiklenborg
P5 P5
Kenneth Roeder Mary McCarter
Marcia Dudden Holly Voss
Roger Dudden Lee Voss
Paul Johnson Tawana Wienkes
Linda Johnson Gene Snyder
Shirley Meester Laura Johnson
John McCarter Karen Johnson
Luke Johnson
Nate Stewart
P6 P6
Brian Andersen Paul Ehrig
Drew Sommerfelt Fred Strohbehn
David Dunn Kenneth Storjohann
Brenda Noteboom Mark Buskohl
Mark Schildroth Gale Peterson
Dixie Schildroth Lynn Pakala
Jan Ehrig Gayl Pakala
Karl Strohbehn Rebecca Peterson
P7 P7
Barbara Smith Derek Whitehill
Pat Brown Daniel Davie
Mary Schmidt Brian Buhrow
Brian Wegmann Pat Munson
Roland Ackerman Chad Mackie
Leonard Stephens Chris Bangasser
Brian Kellar Nick Betts
Andrew Peters
Brian Wallis

2014 Grundy County GOP Convention

On Saturday, March 8th the Grundy County Republicans will meet at our biennial County Convention.  The 2014 County Convention will be held in the main auditorium at the Grundy Center High School, starting at 9AM.  Delegates to the County Convention were selected during the Precinct Caucuses in January.  All Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and Junior delegates should be receiving an invitation to the County Convention in the mail.

Among our orders of business, we will address these topics:

1. Elect 12 delegates and 12 alternate delegates to the District and State Convention.
2. Adopt a County Platform.
3. Elect individuals to the Standing District Committees (Credentials, Organization, Rules, Platform)

The District Convention will meet Saturday, April 26th in Storm Lake, IA.  Also, the District Committees will meet on Saturday, March 15th at 10AM in Storm Lake, IA.

If you are interested in serving as a delegate to the District and State Convention (you do not have to be a delegate to the County Convention) please contact the County Chair: chair@grundycountygop.com

In particular, we need someone to volunteer to be in charge of our Credentials at the District Convention.  We also would appreciate one volunteer to serve on the District Platform Committee.  All delegates to the District and State Convention will be asked to pay dues to the Grundy County GOP in the amount of $40.  We forward these dues on to the Iowa GOP.

The County Platform Committee met and agreed upon the following proposal for our 2014 County Platform.  Amendments can be made, discussed, and voted upon at the County Convention according to our Rules.  All delegates will receive this information in the mail as part of their Call to Convention.



We, the Republican Party of Grundy County, meeting in Convention on March 8th, 2014, share these common ideals and believe they provide the best framework for guiding this State and Nation into the future:


  1. Whereas the State of Iowa has a relatively large percentage of our nation’s Agriculture (or food production) and that Agriculture is a large part of Iowa’s economy:
    1. The EPA must recognize that dust is a part of Agricultural production is not something that farms can control.  We instead support a government that helps keep food prices low by shrinking the role of the EPA in the lives of our farmers and ranchers.
    2. The Department of Labor must re-examine their goals and realize that children need to be trained and taught skills from the time that they are small.  Youth from rural areas have traditionally earned money and skills in agricultural jobs.  Their pay should be commensurate with those skills (i.e. minimum wage).  The U.S.A. has traditionally kept food prices at a low percentage of a family’s budget.  We support a government that embraces the economics of food production and the family farm.
    3. Our farmers, through private property ownership, are to be commended as the best conservationists in the United States.  We support increasing private property rights, and we support more restrictions on the power of the government to use eminent domain and burdensome regulations that strip these rights from farmers, ranchers, and all private citizens.


  1. We support the elimination of federally mandated education standards and testing practices, such as “No Child Left Behind”, “Common Core” standards, etc.  We support, as much as possible, local control of education curricula.
  2. We believe in the right of parents to choose the best school for their children, and therefore we support full and complete open enrollment based solely upon the choice of the parent and acceptance of their desired school; any per-student public funding will follow the child to the destination school, including home schools.


  1. The first sworn duty of every officer of government is to equally protect an individual person’s God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and private property, from creation to natural death.
  2. Our national sovereignty and borders must be defended.
  3. Our republican form of representative government must be upheld.  Rules and regulations proposed by bureaucracies of the Executive Branch must be approved by the U.S. Congress through legislative action before they have the force of law.
  4. The sacred oath of all elected officers to support and defend our Constitution must be fulfilled, particularly the President of the United States.
  5. Be it resolved that eminent domain laws be restricted to utility and transportation projects that provide at least 50% of their resources to customers in Iowa.  Also, the use of tax subsidies in eminent domain projects should not be allowed.
  6. Be it resolved that only amendments that pertain to the subject of a legislative bill be allowed.
  7. We support maintaining Iowa’s status as a “right to work” state.
  8. We support the elimination of the convoluted system of Federal “campaign finance laws” in favor of requiring prompt and full disclosure of all donations of any amount to any political organization, including the origin of individual donors.
  9. We support all governments adopt and use the principles of “Lean Six Sigma” to identify and eliminate waste and redundancy in government, such as promoted by groups like Strong America Now.
  10. We support requiring the Federal government adopt a zero-based budgeting system, where each agency is required to justify all expenditures.
  11. We support amending the U.S. Constitution to require adherence to a balanced budget, GDP-based spending caps.
  12. We support requiring a balanced budget with at least a 5% reduction in the principal of the national debt every year.
  13. We support requiring that all legislation passed at the Federal level apply equally to the legislators; e.g. use the same health care system, retirement system, etc. as all citizens.
  14. We support a Federal legislative calendar be no greater than 6 months per calendar year.
  15. We support eliminating the ability for Congress to vote themselves an increase in salary within each session of Congress.  We support requiring Congress to hold a legislative vote on each increase in compensation.
  16. We support requiring Federal legislation be “clean” and free of added “pet projects” or “earmarks”.
  17. We support a full and exhaustive external annual audit of the books of the Federal Reserve.  The audit results shall be disclosed publicly.
  18. We support term limits for Federal and State legislators.  We support U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives be term limited to 13 years.
  19. We believe the Federal Reserve and any Federal Reserve Bank should not be permitted to “invest” in U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, or Bonds.
  20. We support eliminating all Government subsidies at the Federal and State levels, including Agriculture, Energy, Commodities, or any other private entity.
  21. We support removing the vested financial interest of the State of Iowa from any gambling ventures.
  22. We support requiring legislators to cite the portion of the Iowa Constitution authorizing their authority for any particular bill.
  23. We oppose pre-emptive wars; we support requiring a Congressional Declaration of War in any conflict.


  1. We support repealing PPACA (“Obamacare”) in favor of returning greater free market principles to the delivery of medical care services.


  1. Be it resolved that illegal aliens should not be rewarded with citizenship, education, welfare, or medical services beyond emergency care.


  1. We support a State Supreme Court nomination process that allows the Governor of Iowa to nominate any Iowa citizen of their choosing; confirmed by the Iowa Senate; periodically retained by popular vote.


  1. The right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.
  1. We support amending the Iowa Constitution to specifically recognize and protect the natural right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms.
  2. We support enhancing the right of law-abiding citizens in Iowa to “stand your ground” to protect themselves and their property, similar to 2012 H.R. 953 / H.F. 2215.
  3. We support enacting reciprocity agreements with other States for concealed-carry weapons permit holders, similar to those found in Utah.


  1. We are one nation under God; our rights come from God, not men.
  2. We oppose the use of public revenues for abortion, and call for elimination of all government funding for any organization that advocates for, or supports abortions.
  3. We support restoration of right to life, from conception to natural death.
  4. We support the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.


  1. Be it resolved that the State of Iowa conform the State Inheritance Tax to federal law.
  2. We support requiring the State of Iowa to use all fuel tax revenues exclusively for road maintenance and construction projects.
  3. We support the elimination of the estate or “death” tax at all levels.
  4. We support eliminating the progressive individual income tax and the current Federal income tax code in favor of a flat income tax or a flat national sales tax, with as few deductions as possible.
  5. We support eliminating the business income tax.
  6. We support requiring Federal and State governments have a 2/3 majority vote to raise tax rates, or to levy new taxes.

2014 Precinct Caucuses

The 2014 Precinct Caucuses are this Tuesday, January 21st, beginning promptly at 7PM.

The Republican caucus is open to any registered Republicans in Grundy County, who will be of voting age for the 2014 General Election.  You may register as a Republican at the caucus site.

The purposes of the caucus will be to:

  1. Elect two persons to the County Central Committee.
  2. Select Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and Junior Delegates for the County Convention. (Saturday, March 8th)
  3. Consider proposals for Platform Resolutions, to be sent to the Platform Committee.

The Grundy County Republicans will be holding individual caucuses in each precinct.  A map of the precincts is located here.  The Republican caucus locations are:

Precinct Caucus Site
P1 BCLUW High School Library
610 East Center Street
Conrad, IA  50621
P2 Grundy Co Courthouse – Jury room
706 G Ave
Grundy Center, IA  50638
P3 Wellsburg Memorial Building
501 N Adams St
Wellsburg, IA  50680
P4 Hawkeye Community College
Western Outreach Center
17040 Market Ave
Holland, IA  50642
P5 Dike Memorial Building
540 Main St
Dike, IA  50624
P6 Reinbeck Memorial Bldg
208 Broad St
Reinbeck, IA 50669
P7 Grundy Co Courthouse – Courtroom
706 G Ave
Grundy Center, IA  50638